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Improve your business and profit using CRM

  • Cheapest CRM system on the market!
  • Dedicated account manager and helpline
  • We do not charge VAT
  • No instalation or server required - internet connection is all you need
  • Complete customer details in one place
  • Integration with email accounts
  • Complex and transparent reports and analysis
  • Simple monitoring of your sales
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Software as a service

Simple and everywhere

In 5 minutes you are able to use a complex
user friendly CRM online system
No hidden cost, no risk
Advanced marketing

Advanced sales solutions

Improve your customer service by keeping all customer details in one place.
Make use of unlimited disc space for your files
Integrated emails

Emails and mass maillings

Unlimited number of email accounts
All closely integrated with the system,
allowing you to record all contacts with your customers
Sale funnel and reports

Sales and profit analysis

A complex report function allows
to monitor the growing profit. Sales funnel
supports the effective planning of resorces
Maximum safety

Your data is safe

Connection to our system is coded
and all your data is safe
Backup copies are created twice a day
Hihg level of flexibility

We are very flexible

We can customize our system to suit your needs
Let us know your ideas - we will gladly implement them!

Many satisfied customers

Security Partners
The implementation of the CRM system has had a positive effect on the organization of all activities within our company. I recommend FirmWithin as a useful and a user-friendly system. You can always rely on their quick response and technical support.
FirmWithin system helped us to reorganize our company and improve customer relationships. No more problems with complaints or unfinished projects which used to frustrate our customers in the past.

The system is very intuitive I cannot imagine functioning without it anymore.

Gain a competitive advantage
Join our satisfied customers

Initiate free
test period
You and two other users can test the CRM
for 14 days with no obligations

What is CRM system

CRM - CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a solution that will allow you to effectively manage relationships with your customers. CRM is a strategy which helps you better understand your customers and their behaviour. It gives you the knowledge to better meet their needs and establish long-term relationship with them. Successful business is always based on a good relationship with customers – CRM helps you achieve that!

CRM online - in recent years, traditional CRM systems are being replaced by online based CRM systems. It's because traditional CRM systems are much more expensive, while modern online CRM systems are cheaper and offer the same or wider range of functionalities. All the technical maintenance of the system lies with the provider so there is no need to worry about caring for complex software and servers in your organization.
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